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images Data Science

Data Science Data science is the latest buzzword in this landscape of disruptive technologies. Galton's Data Science services and solutions are all about using data in creative ways to generate business value. Utilise the full potential of data and analytics with a blend of data inference, algorithm development and technology to analytically resolve complex problems. We give you new insights from big data by asking the right questions, manipulating data sets and visualising it in compelling ways. Make use of these insights to drive decisions that not only cater to the present but also the future.

image Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence has fundamentally changed how services are provided, sales processes are understood and marketing is done. Connect with your stakeholders where they really are with a custom AI-powered chatbot that can give users an instant response 24X7. Phone calls, e-mails, and even fancy web forms cannot facilitate a split second reaction that the users expect to get. Gartner X Juniper has predicted that by 2020, chatbots will be involved in 85% of all types of customer-business interactions. Get your business the best of the future and the present with a bespoke chatbot today!

image IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT (Internet of Things) Greatly reduce wastage of time, resources and finances with IoT that can enable you to track and count each and everything. Assisted by a tide of actionable and interactional data, businesses can take the full advantage of IoT as it allows the users to make smart decisions by converting everyday 'dumb items' into connected devices. Achieve greater efficiency, asset utilisation and productivity with real-time insights driven by IoT. The world is fast moving towards a connected landscape of disruptive technologies, take the early adopter advantage today!

image Business Process Automation (BPA)

Business Process Automation (BPA) Put smart to work with Business Process Automation that aims to transform the working habits, workforce and workflow in your organisation. These intelligent digital systems can streamline all the humongous repetitive and predictable tasks, long chain of approvals and transactional work in an efficient manner. This shift of systems to virtual operations enables more transparent and agile information flow. Simple automation of routine chores can prove more cost-efficient, error-proof and result in an improved operational efficiency.



Interactions that drive transactions

We create bespoke chatbots that facilitate interactions that drive transactions. Our custom chatbots powered by NLP go hard on the tasks and easy on the users. Our aim is to make doing business more convenient, one bot at a time.

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Biz-i Insights that matter

The vital role of business insights in the growth and development of any company is universally acknowledged. Our innovative BI based solution has the power to convert the raw data of your business into reliable, actionable and utilitarian insights.
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Why choose us?

At Galton, we are committed to making doing business and businesses better. This is backed by our singular focus on building technology-driven solutions that simplify processes.

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Our mission

To devise innovative strategies that support and participate in the metamorphosis of any business organisation to the benefit of all internal and external stakeholders.

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Our values

To deliver our very best in everything that we do and connecting with transparency while holding ourselves accountable for the outcomes.

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