Superbot Factory

The Superbot Factory

At our Superbot Factory, we produce bots that can handle complex tasks with a surprising degree of sophistication and excellence. These bots simulate how a human would behave in an automatic environment providing convenient solutions for definite problems. At our manufacturing facility, these bots are trained under experienced experts and go through rigorous quality checks before final delivery. The proud products of our factory include:

HR Helpdesk Bots

  • Manage and automatically update leaves, calendars, pay slips and shift dates.
  • Handle everyday admin with ease, freeing up time for your personnel.
  • Accurate round the clock answers for the most commonly asked questions.
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FAQ Bots

  • Instant answers to routine questions freeing the service staff to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Capture leads in a friendly format by letting the bot ask the details, instead of filling up a form.
  • Easily manage load during peak times or holidays without any of your bots on leave.
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Sales Bots

  • Access your data anytime, anywhere.
  • Proactive alerts based on information pushed to the sales team.
  • Let the bot handle CRM system interaction while you are busy churning numbers.
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