Biz-i- Transforming data to insights that come in sight

The vital role of business insights in the growth and development of any company is universally acknowledged. Our innovative BI based solution has the power to convert the raw data of your business into reliable, actionable and utilitarian insights.

Enhanced Business Performance

Bring data analysts and business users together on an advanced analytics platform that will steer you towards a complete business transformation.


Scalable & Flexible

Built with ever-changing business needs in mind, our solutions scale seamlessly as you grow and are designed for easy deployment at any scale and environment.


Bespoke Solutions

We acknowledge the exclusive nature of each business requirement and help you unleash insights throughout your organisation with our tailor-made solutions.

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Chatbot-Interactions that drive transactions

Creating bespoke chatbots that go hard on the tasks and easy on the users.

We aim to make doing business and businesses better by transforming the way people communicate within and with the brands. Our chatbots help in orchestrating, collaborating and escalating information, the most valuable asset to a business.

Chatbots can handle repetitive and mundane tasks like resolving queries, placing orders and entertaining numerous users simultaneously with relative ease. With chatbots taking care of the everyday humdrum, the personnel can focus on critical business aspects. These bots can work tirelessly 24X7 and you won't even have to worry about one of them signing off for a leave.

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We aim to help clients define strategies and strengthen their organizations and operations.

We ace in developing customized, next-generation products and services that help businesses shift to new business models designed for today's connected landscape of disruptive technologies. By optimising corporate strategy, category strategies and financial productivity, we help companies achieve sustainable performance gains.

The ever-evolving customer-driven world demands swift adoption of technology and we deploy leading industry insights and design-led thinking talents to help the users of our technology plan and implement transformational solutions that drive rapid results. Rethink IT and digital ecosystems to help clients swiftly adopt new technologies to keep pace in an evolving customer-driven environment.

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Application Development


This is the digitization era with uncountable applications being conceptualised every day. The most common objectives of these developments are optimisation and collaboration. These applications can facilitate increased productivity, enhanced workflow, better user experience and effective communication. Keeping a track on these applications from their inception to completion can often get out of hands.

There are plenty of things that require assistance even after the app goes live like migration and support. We are here to help you with the entire process of application development lifecycle right from idea conception to the ultimate retirement of system.

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