Biz-i ETL Tool

The Biz-i Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Tool helps organisations consolidate and integrate their data collected from numerous disparate databases, applications and systems into a standardised format for data warehousing which can then be used to generate powerful insights and analytics. In simpler terms, it can be defined as an automated service to fetch data from multiple sources and run automated quality checks to validate and standardise the data.
From a broader perspective, the ETL process encompasses the extraction of data from various sources, the transformation of data into a standardised format and the data loading to facilitate business intelligence but this definition leaves behind certain other aspects of the process which include:
  • Extraction
  • Transformation
  • Load

Critical Components

Auditing & logging

Detailed logging within the ETL framework to facilitate data auditing after the loading process is complete. This process allows for errors to be debugged as and when they are revealed.

Multiple data source formats

Compatible with multiple data formats to pull data from diverse sources like the company's API, back-end apps and other specific databases. For all the data that there is, a single tool to make sense of it.


Errors and bugs are inevitable and even the most sophisticated and advanced systems cannot escape them. The ETL tool features a graceful recovery from any problem while ensuring that the data completes its pipeline even after any glitches encountered.


Any unusual discrepancy in the data can be catered to with notifications support that will intimidate the users or the developers of the shortcomings. So that, you have insights on your data when it matters the most.


Each moment the value and the volume of your company and its data are increasing and our ETL tool is equipped with scaling support to ensure that every part of your organisation is ready for the development and growth of your business.


Each business, its values, challenges and requirements are different and such a dynamic landscape can only be supported with a bespoke solution that accommodates each of the requisites, no matter how big or small.

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