Transforming data to insights that come in sight

The business world is evolving into a technology hub where everything from the simplest of processes to the most complex of tasks takes a helping hand from this revolution. And when it comes to making sense of all the data, spreadsheets are just not enough. Take control and action on your data with Biz-i Dashboards that transform your data into meaningful insights in a secure, informative and engaging format. Combine data from various sources onto a single dashboard that is comprehensible to all.


Achieve Your Organization Goals

Biz-i will help you achieve your business goals. We follows a holistic approach by taking into consideration all key metrics which transform into actionable insights. With automated data flow and improved analytics your business objectives are only a stone's throw away.


Completely scalable and modular in approach

Organization can choose to have a phased implementation as Biz-i can be scaled up to support any size of data and built on a plug and play approach, new reports and modules can be seamlessly integrated on existing ones to enhance functionalities.


Sound Security & Safety Feature

Biz-i security feature takes care of all audit trails, backups, user roles management and password management while providing access to multiple users across different geographies.


Reasonably Priced

Biz-i return on investment will be much higher than cost of the project. We are certain that the company will be able to make significant profit with efficient business intelligence.

Features at a glance

Executive Dashboard

Management Summary

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Admin Control Panel

Report Filters

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