The current world is driven by technology where the answer to your query is always a click away. So, why should your employees, vendors and customers be queuing up for your representatives to answer? Give your stakeholders and contributors a direct line between their problem and solution with chatbots which are as convenient as chatting to a friend, while being available 24X7 to multiple users. Let us accelerate your growth with conversational bots powered by Artificial Intelligence/ NLP to cater to your collaborators anytime, anywhere.

Morphosis of FAQs to Bot

  • Connect

  • Understand

  • Refine

  • Deliver

Functioning of a chatbot

  • Knowledge Base

    Our knowledge base acts as the nervous system for the bot so that it is equipped with responses to the supported questions of the users.

  • Learning & Feedback

    If the bot is unable to answer a question especially in the case of many similar questions, the bot provides suggestive questions to the users. The responses are further used to train the bot so, the future is brighter.

  • Delegation

    The chat can be escalated to a human without any visible intervention to the user if the need arises. This is specifically helpful during lead conversions for enhanced business performance.

  • Web Search Backup

    If there are no available answers in the knowledge base, the bot can present results from a quick web search or even give answers from your website or FAQ documents.

  • Multi-user

    The bot can handle multiple users at the same time without any hassle and is available 24X7. With technology blurring geographical lines, chatbots can easily blur the time zone difference.

  • Chatboard

    A dashboard of chat analytics that can reveal hot topics, tastes and preferences of the users. The chatboard can also figure out the gaps in the knowledge base, providing guidelines for future expansion.

  • Scalable

    The bot grows with your business while leaving ample scope for future expansion. Take your bot from Facebook Messenger to Skype for Business, Slackbot to Web pages and so many more.

  • Customisable

    Every problem is unique and so should be the solution. Our bots are tailor-made to every specific requirement, keeping in mind its utility, challenges faced by the company and the potential audience.

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