An interactive dashboard for analytics, of chat Access the insights about what the users of your chatbot want and want to know about. And in this era of interactive visualisations, it only makes sense for a dashboard to the job. Track what your chatbot is upto at all times with a chatboard that lets you see way more than what appears on the surface:


Measure the performance of your chatbot. How well it is performing, how many questions it answered, the time taken to respond.


Monitor the interactions of your chatbot in real time, assess its feedback and compare it against the set goals.


Optimise the fall-backs in your organisation with inputs. You can also test and see the most positive and active segments of your endeavour.

Traction of interactions

Track the number of interactions as they happen to assess the busiest times and days. You can also keep a check on the interactivity of your chatbot by comparing the total number of interactions against the total number of sessions.

A feed of feedbacks

Positive or negative, each feedback counts and you can evaluate them in real time with visualisations that let you know the user's feedback on the bot. You can access all the data from the dashboard from the time period of your choice.

Access to

Get metrics about the success ratio of your bot with charts and graphs that will help you fill the missing blocks as and when required. Or gauge its efficiency with average response time graphs.

Go down in

Maintain a track of all the chats at a single place with chat history and logs. What's more? You can filter them with respect to feedback, date, attribute or even specific tags.

Words that matter

Get to know the buzzwords of your users with a word cloud reporting in real time to ensure that you have everything covered. And you can export all of it in PDF and CSV formats.
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