About Us

Why choose Us

At Galton, we are committed to making doing business and businesses better. This is backed by our singular focus on building technology-driven solutions that simplify processes.

Our Mission

To devise innovative strategies that support and participate in the metamorphosis of any business organisation to the benefit of all internal and external stakeholders.


To deliver our very best in everything that we do and connecting with transparency while holding ourselves accountable for the outcomes.

About Us

We, Galton Technologies are a data science firm. We are a team of data scientists and experts with experience in the field of technology, business intelligence and analytics. Our modus operandi is to arm the decision makers with insights that matter, and we don't stop at that. We partner with our clients to track the results and perform ROI Analysis and that is what sets us apart from the rest.

With our singular focus towards technology-driven analytics solutions, we believe that each requirement is unique and so should be the solution. Our offering is a bespoke solution to our clients with unprecedented sophistication and relevance.

We at Galton are anti-stagnation. We believe that to keep moving while picking up pieces from the trail is the only road to success which reflects in everything that we do. We not only develop intelligent web-based applications with our current knowledge set but also learn from everything that we develop to make the future ones better. We believe in never stopping be it learning, developing or exploring.